Senior Team

At Oreon Partners, we actively seek out talented professionals who have the strengths and attributes to serve our clients.

For us, that means finding industry experts who believe in using technology as a tool to solve problems, create efficiencies and save time – time which can then be better used face-to-face with our clients.

As an Adelaide-based Xero Platinum Partner, all our accounting team members are Xero-certified and renew their certifications regularlyand all new staff at Oreon Partners are required to sit the certification training and test. We believe Xero is simply the best business accounting software available, and we’ve been running our own business on it since 2010.

What does all that mean for you? Faster answers to your questions. Real-time numbers. And if you’re running a business, it means working with a team that knows exactly how best to use Xero and other partner software programs to get your financial work done.


Meet our senior team to find out what they do and, most importantly, why clients have developed such strong professional and personal relationships with them. Click on any name to view a profile.