Oreon & Xero Cloud Accounting Software

Oreon Partners believes that cloud accounting is the future of the accounting industry.  We run our entire practice on Xero Practice Manager, including all our timesheets and reporting, and 100% of our clients’ financial statements are prepared using Xero.   We run seminars on Xero so our clients can see what is possible, and our staff are actively involved with the Xero team in Adelaide, as well as many of the add-on software partners.

Xero provides Oreon, and therefore our clients, with many benefits:

  • We can support more clients in less time – transactions are created without data entry, so we can spend more time talking and advising clients and less time entering transaction data from paper bank statements
  • It’s always improving – Xero regularly asks their customers for feedback. Updates can easily incorporate these improvements, which are pushed out at the touch of a button.  This means our practice, and our clients’ businesses, benefit from the latest versions with ease
  • Collaboration is easier – by having all documents and data in the cloud, we – just as much as our clients – can access information at any time. We spend less time chasing documents, so we’re ready to hit the ground running.

If you’re not on Xero yet, you should be. Contact us to find out how.