The Oreon Partners Team

Adelaide 500 2019 Oreon Paretners Party

At Oreon Partners we are committed to recruiting the very best people for our team. We actively seek out talented professionals with the following personal strengths and attributes to suit our ethos and to serve our clients:

  • The ability to think laterally and to carefully consider available choices and make decisions that are ethical and in the best interests of our clients
  • The confidence to be innovative and to adapt to a changing world and business environment. Ingenuity disposes our people not just to think outside the box but to live outside the box
  • The empathy and openness to engage others with a positive attitude

This is evidenced by:

  • Seeing other team member’s talent and potential
  • The courage and commitment to help each other unlock that potential
  • The resulting loyalty and mutual support that energises and unites teams
  • Energising ourselves and others and taking the risk to lead.


Leadership is not confined to the so-called “top”. It is our goal to engage all our team members to aspire to be leaders through the development of their strengths.

We want to create an environment where we all care about the values and culture of our workplace: what our colleagues stand for, how we treat one another, how we approach opportunities and ideas.

We commit time and energy to the continuing development of our team members, encouraging initiative, freedom and autonomy in order that team members can make a meaningful contribution to our firm and clients.

Making a Difference

Our team members work together to create a sense of community and enjoy a shared commitment to achieving success and making a difference to our clients.

We encourage our team members to set high standards, goals and ambitions. This personal drive for excellence motivates and encourages them to achieve success for both themselves and their clients.

All of this leads to the Oreon Partners team that is dedicated and focused on servicing our clients with integrity, professionalism and respect.

Meet our senior team and find out what they do and, most importantly, why their clients have developed such strong professional and personal relationships with them. Just click on their name to view their profile.