Client Story: Patch Kitchen & Garden

Client Story: Patch Kitchen & Garden

Patch Kitchen & Garden in Stirling has gone through a revival in the last few months with new owners taking the helm and transforming the space into a fresh new restaurant in the Adelaide Hills.

Patch is the brainchild of Andrew Davies (former head chef and part owner of Press and Osteria Oggi) and Peter Harvey (who previously worked in the international wine industry with Accolade Wines). Andrew and Peter went to school together and have maintained a long-term friendship, which – with their experience and backgrounds in the hospitality industry – led them to start this venture together with their wives: Mette Cordes-Harvey (also from the wine industry) and renowned cake specialist Belle Kha.

Patch highlights some of the best local produce and producers in the Adelaide Hills, supporting the businesses they have all loved for many years and reflecting their passion for all things Adelaide Hills. With the rustic restaurant looking more like a quaint country home, they strive to present food and drink that is intended to be shared and enjoyed, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Challenges along the way

Like all new business owners, the Patch team has had to work through the legislative and licensing requirements needed to trade legally and effectively. They’ve also been doing the hard work of establishing an environment that represents the vision they had for both the business and their customers.

“This process has, at times, involved a complete 360 degree turn from our initial thoughts and actions,” says Peter, “but taking stock often, all together as a team, has enabled us to work through the hard times and long hours. One day we looked around and realised we had created a place we were all very proud of.”

Keys to success

Peter says that good and regular communication with partners and business associates, as well as taking time to acknowledge and celebrate milestones, has been important in getting the restaurant up and running.

“Listening to and responding to our customers’ changing needs and requirements (all with a smile!) has been key,” he notes. “The most satisfying times for us have been creating special moments or occasions for our customers through the food and service we offer.”

When asked about his advice for other new business owners, Peter says, “Believe. Persevere. Surround yourself with good advice and mentors and learn from your mistakes (because you’ll make them!).”

Oreon’s role in the business journey

Andrew is a long-term personal client of Ben Reynolds – in fact, the two have been working together since 2003, before Oreon Partners was founded. Now, all four of the founding Patch team members and the business are Oreon clients.

Ben and Annabel Johnson’s team at Oreon helped the team ensure they had the correct organisational structure in place from the beginning. They worked alongside the client’s solicitor (also an Oreon client), Jason Duldig from Made Law, in relation to agreements and entities set-up. The Oreon team has also done general advisory work surrounding asset purchases, GST registration and making sure the financial record keeping will match the growth of the business.

“We recently completed their transition over from an existing business software to XERO, including providing training,” says Annabel. “We feel this is the most important thing we’ve helped them with, because all financial information is now available in real time. This completely changes the way we’re able to advise them, and we can recommend the best systems and apps available to link back in with XERO.”

“During our initial business setup, we received excellent advice and business support from Oreon Partners,” says Peter. “Their breadth of experience and know-how enabled us to navigate through tricky – and often un-signposted – business hazards with ease. We have found their professionalism, acumen, and sound business advice to be first class.”

He adds, “The initial support we received has been matched with regular and continued involvement as we’ve transitioned from setup to day-to-day trading.”

Future of the business

The Patch team is still in their early days of operation and building a strong following, but they’re also keeping an eye on the future.

“This year we’re focused on establishing our credentials with our customers and increasing the demand for our services, with a view of then expanding our offering and scale based on this interest,” says Peter.

 Learn more about Patch Kitchen on their website or Facebook page.