Jess Telford

Jess Telford


Jess has always been a natural when it comes to working with numbers and managing finances – but given that her mum and her uncle are also accountants, it’s clearly a family trait.

As the first female director and Partner at Oreon, Jess is responsible for meeting the needs of her clients, motivating and developing the skills of her team members, and helping set the tone and strategic direction of the firm. She also works on the operations team, reviewing and improving the firm’s systems, processes and procedures.

Known for being an open and honest communicator who’s committed to achieving results, Jess provides business advice and accounting/taxation services to family-owned businesses, medical and pharmaceutical professionals, and manufacturing, farming/agriculture and not-for-profit clients.

Jess appreciates having the opportunity to work with both her colleagues and a very diverse client base, which always keeps work interesting and brings something new every day.