Jarrad Dunn

Jarrad Dunn


Jarrad confesses that he originally got into accounting because he didn’t know what else to do and all his mates were enrolling in it, so he thought he’d give it a go, too! However, his choice turned out to be a fantastic fit for his personality and skills and he says he feels very fortunate to have a job, and an office, that he loves.

A self-described workaholic who became the youngest Partner at one of Adelaide’s largest mid-tier accounting practices early in his career, Jarrad says he “doesn’t turn off” even when on holiday, largely because he doesn’t see his work as a job, but as something he’s passionate about.

As a Partner at Oreon, Jarrad mentors the staff on his team, works directly with clients on complex and technical issues, and is involved in Oreon’s marketing team. Most of his clients are in the property and building industries and include builders, developers, architects, engineers and investors, largely because of his passion for the industry (which is eclipsed only by his love of fishing!).

Jarrad feels fortunate to work with great colleagues, as well as a diverse and loyal group of clients, many of whom have been with him for what feels like a lifetime and have become friends; in fact, he’s even been on fishing trips and holidays with some of his clients. He especially enjoys brainstorming with them about potential situations and coming up with solutions that are advantageous for both themselves and their businesses.